Rhusty Hook is now live

Rhusty Hook is a clothing line, maker or lures and jigs, and a TON of other things. We are a group of like minded individuals who want to share stories of adventures and create high quality comfortable gear for those adventures. A little over two years ago Jimmy and Patrick were texting back and forth discussing ideas for a logo (Jimmy is a semi-pro angler in Northern Nevada / Northern California), because Jimmy was wanting to rep his own brand while at the tournaments versus wearing someone else's brand. Jimmy hand makes his own jigs and lures. During this conversation Patrick convinced him that they could come up with a brand and market shirts, hats, and create an online spot for him to showcase his hand made items.

Two years have gone by and Rhusty Hook is growing. We will be offering a 15% discount code for the first two months of the store being open. Check back often for new gear!